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* [[Part_6:_Vital_Records_v2.0| Part 6: Vital Records]]  
* [[Part_6:_Vital_Records_v2.0| Part 6: Vital Records]]  
<br/> [[Business_Impact_Analysis_Questionnaires_(BIAQ)|'''Back''']]<br/> [[File:3D A Managers Guide to ISO 22301 BCMS.jpg|thumb|left|140px|'''A Manager’s Guide to ISO 22301 Standard for Business Continuity Management System'''' (2014)]]
<br/> [[Business_Impact_Analysis_Questionnaires_(BIAQ)|'''Back''']]
{{BCM Courses}}
{{BCM Courses}}

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BCM Planning Methodology:Business Impact Analysis

As part of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) phase, one method of gathering the necessary data for the analysis of an organization's critical business functions is the used of a Business Impact Analysis Questionnaires (BIAQ).

Content of BIA Questionnaires

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Courses: BCM Certification

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