Part 1: Identification of Business Functions v2.0

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Critical Business Functions

Part 1 Identification of Business Functions

Business Function

  • Name of business function.
  • State a name or identifier (of up to 3 words).
  • Note (1): Usually, the number of business functions should average around 5 functions and should not be expected to exceed 15. “Nice to have”/”convenient business functions” should be omitted during the final submission in the Business Continuity Strategy phase. Minor business functions that could be accurately grouped into a single bigger function are strongly encouraged.

Function Code

  • The acronym for each business function and its serial number.
  • This function number is used as a shorter form of unique identification of each business function within the entire BIA exercise and also as a cross-reference to the rest of the document.
  • For example, “HR” is the acronym for Human Resource Department and say, the function is "Payroll". The function number “HR-01” is CBF Number 01 (first of the series of business function) for HR Department.


  • A function is defined for the purpose of this exercise as an activity, or a group of activities, which delivers a product or discrete service.
  • Highlight only the end result and not details of all the processes which enable the business function to be completed.
    • Use only one line to describe each business function.
    • Start the description with an action verb e.g. Grant limits, Administer loans, Monitor outstanding transactions.