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{{Template:Planning Methodology BIA}}
{{Template:Planning Methodology BIA}}
= '''Business Impact''' =
= <span style="color:#0000FF">'''Part 2: Impact Area Of Business Functions''' =
=='''Business Function and Function Code''' (Col 2 & 3)==
=='''Business Function and Function Code''' (Col 2 & 3)==

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Part 2: Impact Area Of Business Functions

Business Function and Function Code (Col 2 & 3)

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Part 2: Impact Area of Business Functions

Impact Area (Col 4)

  • Hard (H)/ Soft (S)

Financial Impact (Col 5 & 6)

  • Hard Impact: Direct Financial Impact.
  • Soft Impact: Indirect Financial Impact and Non-Financial Impact.
  • How Impact is Quantified
    • Describe how this figure is made up, focusing on the most significant items. There could be contractual penalties, interest claims, missed business opportunities and loss of commission, expressed as a formula.


  • The amount from the direct financial impact in local currency, for a period of X days. Please state time period if it is less than X days as some business functions will cease to operate within one or two days after the disaster because there is no new transactions.
  • Remarks: How is the hard impact quantified?
    • Provide the workings or basis for computing the amount of loss. For example, $20,000 received per day multiplied by 2% interest payment for overdraft, multiply by X days of outage.
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FAQ for Completion of BIAQ