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{{Template:Planning Methodology BIA}}
=='''Business Function'''==
=='''Business Function and Function Code''' (Col 2 & 3)==
*Cross-reference to the Business Function/function code or number from [[Part 1: Identification of Business Functions v2.0| original Function No assigned in Part 1]]
[[Image:BIA VitalRecord 2.0.jpg|thumb|800px|right| Part 6: Vital Records]]
[[Image:BIA VitalRecord 2.0.jpg|thumb|800px|right| Part 6: Vital Records]]
*Name of business function.
*State a name or identifier (of up to 3 words).
*Cross-reference to the business function from [[Part_1:_Identification_of_Critical_Business_Functions_v2| original business function assigned in Part 1]]
=='''Function Code'''==
*The acronym for each business function and its serial number.
*This function number is used as a shorter form of unique identification of each business function within the entire BIA exercise and also as a cross-reference to the rest of the document.*For example, “HR” is the acronym for Human Resource Department and say, the function is "Payroll". The function number “HR-01” is CBF Number 01 (first of the series of business function) for HR Department.
**Cross-reference to the function code from [[Part_1:_Identification_of_Critical_Business_Functions_v2| original function code assigned in Part 1]]
=='''Description of [[Vital Records]]''' (Col 4)==
=='''Description of [[Vital Records]]''' (Col 4)==

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Business Function and Function Code (Col 2 & 3)

Part 6: Vital Records

Description of Vital Records (Col 4)

  • Description of records, e.g.
    • Board meeting minutes
    • Any original or unique documents, plans, drawing, scanned images
    • Backup passwords (in envelopes)
    • Contracts, files
    • Insurance policies, etc.

Media Type (Col 5)

  • Identification of media type e.g.
    • Disks,
    • Tapes
    • DVD-ROM, reports
    • Forms
    • Microfiche
    • Email
    • Servers
    • Online replication to the alternate site

Location (Col 6)

  • Identification of storage location of records e.g. cabinets, offsite locations, etc.
  • Is it in the office? if there are multiple sites, where is it located? Is it on the Cloud?

In Whose Care (Col 7)

  • The person responsible for maintaining or keeping the document.
  • Notes (1): In Part 6 of the BIAQ, the guiding principle of this section is to identify the vital records which are unique or not replaceable in the event of a denial-of-access situation. Another important element is to identify any electronic vital records that are not adequately backed-up e.g. data kept in "C" drive or a set of tapes that are only backed up and taken offsite once a week
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FAQ for Completion of BIAQ