BIAQ FAQ Part 0: Cover Sheet v2

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Part 0 BIA/RAR Questionnaires Cover Sheet

These are some of the observations made during the review of Part 0: Cover Sheet. Participants completing this form should review this list before submission.

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  • This page may need to be modified as some organization's business unit is organized by "Division" and not by "Department." Additionally, some departments have sub-departments.
  • Name of the representative is not completed as it is assumed that he or she is the actual person and hence, the name is not needed. We recommend that the name be completed.
  • Department name spelt out in acronym. It is good to spell out the department in full followed by its acronym e.g. Finance (FIN).
  • Name of the Head of Business Unit is missing.
  • Maybe useful to insert the email address and contact numbers into this cover sheet.