Part 5: General Considerations v2

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Part 5: General Considerations

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Sample Plan Content

General Considerations

  • Have the implications of the incident been fully established?
  • Can the incident be managed effectively by a single manager?
  • Does the manager/business have the resources to deal with the situation effectively?
  • Is the incident likely to attract media attention?
  • Could the incident seriously affect the reputation or liquidity of organisation?
  • Will the situation continue and escalate, is the outcome uncertain?
  • Is the government and/or other regulatory bodies likely to be involved?
  • If the police and other authorities have been consulted is their advice consistent with the initiation of the plan?

Incidents that will Activate the Plan

  • Kidnap
  • Hijack or other terrorist incident involving members of the company
  • Crisis that will disrupt business across the group
  • Loss of vital premises through fire or natural disaster
  • Industrial action that will disrupt the business
  • Political or civil unrest.

Immediate Actions by Incident Management Teams

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  • Take any immediate action required to contain the situation
  • Activate the emergency response centre
  • Start a diary of events
  • Obtain all relevant information
  • Decide initial actions and objectives
  • Nominate a spokesperson, if necessary, and prepare an initial press statement
  • Inform staff of the incident and what they should do next
  • Review security arrangements and establish secure communications
  • Notify third parties as necessary (police, regulators)