Part 6: External Contact and Communications v2

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Part 6: External Contact and Communications

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Sample Plan Content

External Contact and Communications

Effective communication is essential to maintaining a sense of order and reassuring both staff and the public. Failure in this regard could damage the reputation and profitability of the organisation. In a crisis, it is vital that by the Crisis Management Team control contact with customers, the media and external agencies. If necessary, the Chairman will communicate personally with the public, the media, regulators and other institutions.


Remind staff that they are not to talk to the media and explain the preferred method of dealing with requests for information from outside the company.

Contact Telephone Numbers

The manager is responsible for maintaining lists of emergency telephone numbers for all key staff members of the Incident Management Team will keep up-to-date lists of all key contacts for their area of responsibility.

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It is vital that contact numbers are updated immediately changes are made.