Part 7: Incident Action Lists v2

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Part 7: Incident Action Lists

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Sample Plan Content


Risk Control

Employees at all levels have a role to play in eliminating and reducing the exposure to crises by ensuring that they comply with policies and standards in areas such as operational risk, security, and health and safety.


  • CM Team Coordinator is responsible for producing, maintaining and validating the CM Plan
  • Plans should be tailored to meet the particular needs of the business and will include matters such as Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery.
  • Team members should be named and specific responsibilities should be allocated in these plans.

Threat Monitoring

The Premises Manager is responsible for monitoring environmental threats and for providing a warning of impending crises. The responsibility for monitoring business threats lies with the appropriate Functional Heads in conjunction with Manager.

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Training and Evaluation

The manager is responsible for devising and implementing a crisis management training and evaluation programme in conjunction with the Managing Director.