Business Continuity and Crisis Management: Reality or perception

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An informative seminar on “Business Continuity and Crisis Management” was conducted on the 29 October 2003 by SMa, SPRING Singapore and DRI Asia for SMa members.

Business Continuity (BC) and Crisis Management is a holistic management process to identify potential incidents and develop response plans. The objective is to increase an organisation’s resilience to business disruption and to minimise their impact.

SPRING Singapore has published a standard on “Requirements for Business Continuity Management (BCM)" on the 15 July 2003 to meet the needs of organisations that wish to incorporate the BCM programme into their operations. The standard provides a general framework and process for all organisations, regardless of size or industry sectors. It is not prescriptive and can be applied to different organisations working in different environments.

Benefits shared by speakers Mr Low Choo Tuck, Director of SPRING Singapore and Dr Goh Moh Heng, Executive Director of DriAsia covered the importance of prepared for major business disruptions, how to enhance competitiveness, reduce potential economic loss, improve asset protection and corporate governance as well as to learn the skill of projecting a favourable corporate image as a “well-prepared” organizations.

The seminar was rounded off by an interactive session of question and answer, moderated by Mr Eddie Goh, Deputy Chairman of the SMa’s Automation Technology Industry Group. For more information on this seminar, please contact Ms Vivian Goh at