Design Profile (Master)

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Design Profile (Master) Template

This template is a checklist for developing test design profiles to help the Organization BCM Coordinator ensure that all aspects of the test have been considered prior to a test.


Design Profile (Master)
  • Objective
  • Type of Test
  • Scope and Scale (Active/Passive; degree of involvement)
  • Components to be tested
    • Plans
    • People
    • Place
    • Resources
  • Success Criteria
  • Essential Pre-Conditions
  • Participants
    • Internal
    • External


  • Time of Test/Schedule
  • Duration
  • Frequency (mandatory/desirable)
  • Notice Requirement/Warning
  • Briefing of Participants
  • Scenario
  • Write Test Plan
  • Budget for Test

Execution/ Monitoring

  • Controllers


  • Documentation (capable of audit) -Track events and degree of success

Review/ Measure

  • Post-Mortem Meeting

Report/ Output

  • Post-Test Actions (documented) –link to maintenance/reporting

Maintenance/ Follow-Up

  • Make amendments to plan as required
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