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BCM Planning Methodology Overview

Introduction to BCM BOK

The "A Guide to the Business Continuity Management Body of Knowledge" (BCM BOK Guide) was first published by the BCM Institute as a white paper in 2009 in an attempt to document and standardize generally accepted BCM (CM, CC, and DR) definitions and practices.

BCM Body of Knowledge

The BCM Body of Knowledge or BCMBoK is an all-inclusive term that describes the sum of knowledge within the profession of business continuity management. Since it is usually not possible to put the full body of knowledge of even a discipline, such as ISO22301 BCMS audit, business continuity (BC), crisis communication (CC), crisis management (CM) or disaster recovery (DR), into a single document, there is a need for a Guide to the BCM Body of Knowledge. This Guide will seek to identify and describe that subset of the body of knowledge that is generally accepted, even though the professionals must be knowledgeable not only in BCM Audit, BCM, CC, CM or DR, but also, of course, in other related disciplines. With effect from Jan 2016, Body of Knowledge Zero "0" will not be part of the BCM BoK as the terms in BoK 0 are now re-categorised into BoK 1 to 7 respectively.


This guide contains the seven primary body of knowledge needed for a BCM Audit, BCM, CC, CM or DR professionals. The section below is the table of content for BCM Institute's Business Continuity Management- Body of Knowledge. For example, BCMBoK 1: Project Management defines the project management definitions and knowledge about BCM. The rest of the BCMBok is self-explanatory.

BCMBoK Level
1. BCMBoK 1: Project Management
2. BCMBoK 2: Risk Analysis & Review
3. BCMBoK 3: Business Impact Analysis
4. BCMBoK 4: Business Continuity Strategy
5. BCMBoK 5: Plan Development
6. BCMBoK 6: Testing and Exercising
7. BCMBoK 7: Program Management

Competency Level

Each BoK is further divided into three level of competency. They are the foundation (leading to "Planner" certification), intermediate (leading to "Specialist" certification) and advanced (leading to "Expert" certification). The only exception is the BCM Audit course which starts from intermediate (leading to "Auditor" certification) and advanced (leading to "Lead Auditor" certification).

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(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)