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Control of the Plan

  • The Business Continuity Plan (BC Plan) should be properly controlled and distributed according to prescribed procedures.
  • A BC Plan may contain confidential information, and careful internal controls should be implemented.
  • Each copy should be assigned a control number.
  • The organization should also maintain a record of all issued copies of the plan.
  • This procedure also helps in locating plans when there is an update.
  • It is important that the business continuity plan be updated periodically, to reflect changes in the organization.
  • To facilitate the update process, a maintenance procedure should be developed and assigned to a particular employee.
  • A maintenance form will be useful to record changes as they occur.

Plan Modification

  • This section discuss the record of plan modifications, revision levels and update or change notices, and identify who has which versions of the plan.
  • It is also a good idea to have a log of who has the document and how this document is retrieved when there are personnel changes or when they leave the organization.

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