Data Recovery Strategy

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1. Data Business Continuity Strategy is conceptual framework in which an organization hopes to restore its data which it had backed up previously, and once restored, would have to update the recovered data with information not entered into that backup.


Time to Restore Business Operations in the context of Business Continuity Management

Some of the commonly practiced data backup strategies are:

Note: From time the last backup was carried up up till the time the restore is executed and the system brought online. The latter presupposes the implementation of a procedure that captures such information in an offline mode while the data entry system is down for which the recovery process has been activated. The entire strategy would determine the creation of alternate sites, recovery procedures, checklists, allocation of resources, etc.

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BCMBoK Competency Level
BCMBoK 4: Business Continuity Strategy CL 2D: Intermediate (DR)

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)