Integrated Exercise

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1. An Integrated Exercise involves integrating any number of components in the order that they would occur during actual recovery operations.

Notes: Integrated Exercise builds on test successes and increasing employee awareness generated during component testing.

BCMBoK Competency Level (CL)
BCMBoK 6: Testing and Exercising CL 2B: Intermediate (BC)

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)

2. A test conducted on multiple components of a plan, in conjunction with each other, typically under simulated operating conditions.

(Source: Disaster Recovery Institute International / Disaster Recovery Journal - DRII/DRJ)

3. An exercise conducted on multiple interrelated components of a Business Continuity Plan, typically under simulated operating conditions. Examples of interrelated components may include interdependent departments or interfaced systems.

(Source: UK Financial Sector Continuity)