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*6. [[BCP_Amendments_v2 | Amendments]]
*6. [[BCP_Amendments_v2 | Amendments]]
{{Part B Corporate Level Procedures}}{{BC Plan Part B Corporate Level Procedures}}
[[Image:IC Morepost BC Plan Part A.png|right|thumb|200px]]
= [[BCP_Part_B_Corporate_Level_Procedures_v2 | '''Part B Corporate Level Procedures''']] =
= [[BCP_Part_B_Corporate_Level_Procedures_v2 | '''Part B Corporate Level Procedures''']] =

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Table of Content for Business Continuity Plan Template

Implementing Your Business Continuity Plan BUY!

The table of content of a plan provides examples of how to write a complete BC Plan. A plan should be thoroughly developed, addressing procedures to be used before, during and after a disaster. These procedures should include methods for maintaining and updating the plan.

The outline of a business continuity plan illustrates the details necessary in a typical plan. The plan should address all critical areas within the organization. The outline can become the table of content once the plan is written. Other benefits of developing a detailed outline include:

  • Identify all major steps before the writing begins
  • Help to organize the detailed procedures
  • Identify redundant procedures that only need to be written once
  • Provide a road map for developing the procedures

If there is any repetition of the numbering and these words (Pandemic Flu) appear behind the description, the reader will have the option to select the appropriate Annex for "traditional" disaster or Pandemic Flu outbreak.

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Part A Introduction

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Part B Corporate Level Procedures

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Part C Business Unit Procedures

Plan Development Template: Table of Content Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd

Annex Description

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Part C Sample