Part 1: Identification of Critical Business Functions

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Critical Business Functions

Part 1 BIA Questionnaires: Identification of Critical Business Functions
  • Function No
    • The acronym for each business function and its serial number.
    • This function number is used as a shorter form of unique identification of each business function within the entire BIA exercise and also as a cross reference to the rest of the document.
    • For example, “HR” is the acronym for Human Resource Department and the function number “HR 01” is CBF Number 01 for HR Department.
  • Name of Function
    • Name of business function.
    • State a name or identifier (of up to 3 words).
    • Note (1): Usually, the number of business functions would not be expected to exceed 15. “Nice to have”/”convenient business functions” should be omitted during the final submission.
    • Note (2): List the business functions which you consider as critical based on the business impact, which must be carried out in your business areas in order for acceptable service to be maintained for internal and external customers. Revisit this list of CBFs after completing Part 2.
  • Description
    • A function is defined for the purpose of this exercise as an activity, or a group of activities, which delivers a product or discrete service.
    • Highlight only the end result and not details of all the processes which enable the business function to be completed.
      • Use only one line to describe each business function.
      • Start the description with an action verb e.g. Grant limits, Administer loans, Monitor outstanding transactions.


Business Impact

  • Impact: Hard (H)/ Soft (S)
    • Hard Impact: Direct Financial Impact.
    • Soft Impact: Indirect Financial Impact and Non-Financial Impact.
    • Basis for Calculating Hard and Soft Impact
    • Total ($) Impact
      • Calculate the total financial impact on your business unit if you did not carry out this business function for X calendar days.
    • How Impact is Quantified
      • Describe how this figure is made up, focusing on the most significant items. There could be contractual penalties, interest claims, missed business opportunities and loss of commission, expressed as a formula.
  • Quantification
    • The amount from the direct financial impact in local currency, for a period of X days. Please state time period if it is less than X days as some business functions will cease to operate within one or two days after the disaster because there is no new transactions.
  • Remarks: How is the hard impact quantified?
    • Provide the workings or basis for computing the amount of loss. For example, $20,000 received per day multiplied by 2% interest payment for overdraft, multiply by X days of outage.

FAQ for Completion of BIAQ