Part 1: Introduction v2

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This is the introductory chapter for the crisis management plan. It is important to note that this document is written to be an "executable" document. An alternative will be to include the entire crisis management program into this document which is not recommended. The organisation do not need to have its policies, framework guidelines kept in this document as it is deemed as "peacetime" requirement.


This is to assist practitioners with a sample of possible content.

Introduction to Crisis Management Plan

Businesses may be affected at any time by crises that threaten the safety of staff, the continuity of operations and confidence in reputation. Staff must be ready to respond rapidly and effectively to such situations, as action taken in the early stages of a crisis will be crucial to achieving a successful outcome.

This plan contains a framework for the management and resolution of serious incidents that may affect business operations. It places control in the hands of a small team of key staff who are responsible for initiating a rapid and coordinated response.

Threats and Crisis Scenario

Businesses must be prepared to deal with the following:

[1] Threats: Natural and Technology

  • Natural disasters such as fire, flood or epidemic
  • Major interruption of electricity or telecommunications
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[2] Crisis Scenario

  • Civil unrest or demonstrations
  • Kidnap, extortion, murder, explosions, threats against people and property, assaults on staff and damage to property.
  • Industrial action
  • Liquidity problems.