Part 3: Minimum Resources Required DR

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Part 3: Minimum Resources Required

Part 3: Minimum Resoures Required

Business Function (Col 2)

  • Name of business function. Refer to the BIA questionaire for the original Business functions to be used in the Recovery Strategy section.
  • State a name or identifier (of up to 3 words).
  • Note (1): Usually, the number of business functions should average around 5 functions and should not be expected to exceed 15. “Nice to have”/”convenient business functions” should be omitted during the final submission in the Business Continuity Strategy phase. Minor business functions that could be accurately grouped into a single bigger function are strongly encouraged.

Recovery Location (Col 3)

  • Recovery Location refers to the alternate site/place where staff will go to during the event of a workplace disruption. Some examples include:
    • Home
    • Alternate Office
    • Customer Site
    • Supplier Site
  • If applicable, staff from the same department can go to multiple recovery locations. For example, 2 staff can return home to resume work, while another 2 may be needed at the alternate office

Minimum Resources Required per function for recovery (Col 4 to 7)

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The Minimum resources Required is divided into 4 different categories of resources

  • Staff (Col 4)
  • Seats (Defined here as a work desk and a chair) (Col 5)
  • Phones (Defined here as a landline phone) (Col 6)
  • Laptops/Computers (Defined here as a working desktop computer and/or laptop independent of the one staff already have with them) (Col 7)

Others (Col 8)

State any additional equipment each function needs in this column