Part 4: Inter-dependencies

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Part 4 BIA Questionnaires: Inter-dependencies
  • Source Dept/ Unit
    • This Dept/ Unit is the start of the information, transaction or product delivery process to the target Dept/ Unit.
  • Target Dept/ Unit
    • This Dept/ Unit requires the source Dept/ Unit’s information, transaction or product if it is to perform its CBFs.
    • Note (1): There should be a one-to-one relationship between every source and target Dept/BU with the exception of: external agencies e.g. Central Bank, government ministries and agencies, common organizational support units e.g. IT, Human Resource, Finance.
  • Type of Transaction & Delivery Method (E.g. Fax, normal mail, & dispatch)
    • This is the mode of delivery of the information, transaction or product.
    • Notes (1): These inter-dependencies are based on non-disaster scenario.

  • Notes (1): If both Source Dept/Unit is dependence on each other, there is a requirement to initially indicate Source Dept/Unit as "A" and Target Dept/Unit as "B". You will need to repeat Source Dept/Unit as "B" and Target Dept/Unit as "A".
  • Notes (2): If the Source Dept/Unit and the Target Dept/Unit are the same department/unit, then, there may be a need to identify the sub-unit level e.g. Finance-Account Payable and Finance Account-Receivables. Be caution that this is usually not needed except for special cases.

FAQ for Completion of BIAQ