Zh-hans:能力水平1 :基础

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Certification Model CL 1
1. CL 1: Foundation 能力水平1 :基础在基础能力水平阶段,我们有为BC规划师定制的基本认证方案。考试形式为50个多项选择题,答卷中错误的选项不扣分。BCCP的考试时间为一个半小时。

Competency Level
1. CL 1B: Foundation (BC)
2. CL 2B: Intermediate (BC)
3. CL 3B: Advanced (BC)
4. CL 1C: Foundation (CM)
5. CL 2C: Intermediate (CM)
6. CL 3C: Advanced (CM)
7. CL 1CC: Foundation (CC)
8. CL 2CC: Intermediate (CC)
9. CL 3CC: Advanced (CC)
10. CL 1D: Foundation (DR)
11. CL 2D: Intermediate (DR)
12. CL 3D: Advanced (DR)
13. CL 2A: Intermediate (Audit)
14. CL 3A: Advanced (Audit)

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)