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Plan Development Template: Call Procedures Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd

Call Procedures

  • Instructions
    • These procedures are to be used as a guide when notifying staff of a BCP activation and the action to be taken.
    • No one person should call more than 3 names. By keeping each call to less than 3 minutes, 40 people can be contacted in less than 30 minutes.
  • Upon activation, the Business Unit (BU) BCM Coordinator is to contact his or her Head of BU, and proceed to activating the other staff in the business unit call tree.
  • If person called is available, relay the following information:
    • Highlight the "This is NOT a Test"
    • Disaster status
    • Action to be taken:
      • Stand by until contacted with further instructions OR
      • Report to (location) at (time) and bring Staff ID and Security Access Card
    • Emphasize that the situation should not be publicized.
  • If person called is not available, leave a message for the person to return call. If leaving a message is not possible, call back every 5 minutes.
  • If person remains uncontactable for 20 minutes, call the next person that this person is assigned to notify.
  • Thereafter, report list of uncontactable persons to your BU Rep.
  • The BU BCM Coordinator will then complete and return the Status Report (Annex 3A) to the Command Center.
Plan Development Template: Business Unit Call tree Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd

Business Unit Call Tree

  • Activation of entire business unit for activation of recovery procedures
    • Use Microsoft PowerPoint Organizational Chart function to develop your business unit telephone notification call tree
  • In your call tree, please indicate the following:
  • Name of Staff Members (Initials – to be cross referenced in the recovery procedures later)
  • If this person is the Alternate BU BCM Coordinator, please indicate this below his/her name
    • Indicate with an acronym for the mobile/cellular/hand phone number as (M) and home telephone number as (H).
  • Highlight in color the staff members who will be going to the alternate office so that the rest of the staff members will understand that they are required to stay at home during the start of a crisis.
  • Indicate if certain staff members need to relocate to another location.

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