Chang Cheong Swee Dr

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Dr Chang Cheong Swee currently is the Director of Strategic Business & Marketing of HeiTech Managed Services (HMS) Sdn Bhd. Prior joining HeiTech Padu Berhad, he was a Chief Technology Officer in LifeTech Net Sdn Bhd. He has more than 18 years of experience in ICT industry.

He has significant experience in providing large scale WAN networking solutions to both the financial and public sector. He specializes in business solution architecture, software development and project methodologies. His current focus is in the development of new business models in the adoption of 4G-LTE and Cloud Computing technologies. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Integrated Optical Waveguides, University of Bath (UK), 1991, and a Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Liverpool (UK) (B.Eng), 1979 and is a Member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (UK) IEE & (USA) IEEE. Before returning to Malaysia, he has spent a considerable amount of time working in the United Kingdom both in industrial and academic research in millimeter wave and optical communications."