Chief Information Security Officer

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1. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for organization’s IT security management (cyber).

Related Term: Chief Security Officer.

Notes (1): This responsibility covers the management of network security, information security, and cyber-attacks.

Notes (2): The CISO develops the organization’s cyber security program.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)


2. The chief information security officer (CISO) is the head of IT security, driving the IT security strategy and implementation forward whilst protecting the business from security threats and cyber-hacking. Operational compliance to all ISO and other standards and regulations is the responsibility of the CISO. This is a senior role and will commonly involve directing a team and taking a seat on the board.
Source: (SC Jobs, 2017)

3. A CISO is the executive-level manager who directs strategy, operations and the budget for the protection of the enterprise information assets and manages that program.
Source: (INFOSEC Institute, 2017)