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Christopher is a Director of Summit Risk Consulting Limited. He is a dynamic, versatile and adaptable individual whose track record in developing and delivering Business Continuity Incident Management and Disaster Recovery solutions in both the Private and Public sectors, set him aside from his peers. He is a consummate professional who carefully plans and monitors every facet of his work, often adjusting the plan to counterbalance the impact of any issues that have been identified during the lifecycle of the project. He is an excellent Program and Project manager, who thrives in stressful situations often appearing to be undaunted by the opportunities that appear before him. Christopher is also a natural communicator who has the ability to put his target audience at ease whilst achieving the objective of delivering the message.

Christopher has in previous roles been responsible for Physical Security and its assessment, as well as counter Terrorism and counter insurgency operations, and has advised several Critical National Infrastructure organisations in the need to align their operational risks to the business continuity capabilities.

Christopher has recently completed a BIA RA and mitigation strategy project for the Central Bank of Nigeria, following which the Bank has recommend Christopher and his team to other regulated Banks in Nigeria.

Christopher has also lead BCM projects for clients in the Energy sector these include TNK-BP (Russia) BP Southern North Sea operations (UK Interconnector) as well as several UK Government funded assessments of the BCM capabilities of the energy sector providers in the UK.

Voluntary Appointment within BCM Institute

Chris is an Associate Instructor with the BCM Institute.

Past Employment


Professional Certification

BCCE Certification

2007 Awarded Business Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE), BCM Institute, Singapore

Professional Association

Christopher is a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (FBCI)

Christopher served as a member of the UK and US military in the Falklands campaign, First Gulf War and Northern Ireland.

Presentations and Publications

Christopher is a member of the Emergency Planning Society, and has advised UK Government and the Civil Contingencies Secretariat on Continuity related issues. Christopher was also one of the review team for BCI GPG, and is a reviewer of the International Business Continuity Journal.

Christopher has also presented to Government departments, National Assembly of Wales, and several international Financial Institutions on the impact of the Basel II Capital Accord, BS15000, ISO27001, BS25999, BS25777, CAD3, Combined Code, and Sarbanes Oxley Act, on their Business Continuity provision. Whilst also introducing the client to benefits of harmonising their BC provision to the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and the 28 international standards including the BASEL Committee BCM principals

Christopher is also an international speaker and has recently presented to the Russian Banking Forum, Symantec Vision global conference as well as the Nigerian Banking Committee.

Christopher is also a member of the Fellows interview panel for the Business Continuity Institute and is currently advising the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria on the need to enhance the BCM provision within the Nigerian Financial Sector.