Configuration Exploitation

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1. Configuration is part and parcel of every networks, hardware and software/applications within an organization. The security of the configuration determines if these IT infrastructures are strong against or vulnerable for cyber criminals to exploit.
Types of Cyber Security Threats from 'Configuration Exploitation'

Examples of configuration exploitation cyber security threats:

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)


2. Weak configurations occur from both a device and a network standpoint. From a device standpoint, these are the vectors of compromise. From a network standpoint, these allow for easy lateral movement after an established foothold, or as an avenue for data exfiltration.
Source: (Verizon, 2016)

3. Configuration is a part of every network schema, hardware device (firmware), and software application. Proper configuration can prevent or mitigate threat actor activity while weak configurations are prime targets for threat actors and their vulnerability exploits.
Source: (Verizon, 2017)