Considerations when developing the training and awareness BCM program

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These are the considerations when developing a training and awareness BCM program:

  • Recognize that BCM education versus training and awareness are not similar.
    • The approach for how you educate your organization is different trying to make them aware of BCM.
  • Set Goals for Your BCM Program
    • Be clear in what you want to achieve and accomplish in the training and awareness BCM campaigns, once it is clear, proceed to implement it.
    • May need to link to the training roadmap to develop a holistic approach.
  • Attending one course will not teach everything in BCM
    • BCM is a holistic and massive subject, and there will not be a single class that can teach everyone everything.
    • The challenge is also "How many classes can the organization be providing each year?"
  • Look at Your Training and Awareness Campaigns as part of Program Management
    • Identify all of the training and awareness BCM elements that make up your overall campaigns, and then track and measure progress.
  • Engage Internal training and awareness BCM Experts
    • There is a chance that your organization is not the only group in your organization that need to train people of something or market to an audience.
    • There may be resources to tap are generally found within human resources or external BCM training providers.