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1. Containment is an attempt by public health authorities to snuff out a possible pandemic at its source.

Notes: In order to snuff out a pandemic, the public health authorities would have to rush influenza medicines to the epicenter of the outbreak right away. Doctors would treat people who are sick but also give medicines protectively to those who are not sick to ensure that the virus does not spread from people who may be infected but have no symptoms. The affected area would have to be quarantined. Most experts think containment is logistically impossible, but containment efforts could slow down the pandemic's spread.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)

2. Containment refers to the procedures undertaken to minimise the impacts suffered by the organisation when a cyber security attack has breached installed defenses and remove the malware from the system.

3. Containment refers to isolating the host or even quarantining systems, so whatever the attacker is attempting to do is prevented from executing, spreading and infiltrating other systems.
Source: (Creighton, 2015)

4. Containment is a methodology whereby access to information, files, systems or networks is controlled via access points.
Source: (Mulligan, 1997)