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Ms Name of Associate, BCCP, Designation of Associate, Company Name

Standardized Curriculum Vitae Template

This is a sample template to standardized the Curriculum Vitae for BCM Institute's associates.


Your name

Contact Details (Will not be Displayed on Web)

  • Address
  • Mobile / Home
  • Email (Office)
  • Email (Home)

Personal Particulars

  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • IC / Passport No.

Curriculum Vitae / write up

  • This section covers a simple write up of your historical progression from an introduction to your highlights and achievements.

Voluntary Appointment within BCM Institute (To be Displayed on Web)

  • This are the appointments help within BCM Institute that you have volunteer or under-taken.
  • <Example> <Name of Associate> is an Associate Instructor and member of Certification Reviewer Committee with the BCM Institute.

Present / Past Employment

  • This section covers your present / past Employment and Experiences that you have developed over the years.

Education / Qualifications

  • This section covers your Academic progression and achievements.

Professional Certification and Achievement

BCCP Certification
  • This section covers your Professional academic progression and achievements.

Groups and Associations

  • This section covers your memberships to other associations.

Presentations and Publications

  • This section covers your achievements and credentials
  • Professional Affiliations

Others such as special developments and interest

  • This section covers any other interest which you feel maybe of worthy mention.


  • This is a must. Photo must be in high resolution JPEG format (to be send separately and not pasted on the word document).

Download MS Word Document