Cyber Criminal

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1. Cyber criminal refers to someone that utilises computers, mobile devices or the network to conduct malicious activities, targeting at the organisation's information assets. The sophistication of the malware deployed is dependent on the motive of the cyber criminal.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)


2. Cyber criminals, also known as hackers, often use computer systems to gain access to business trade secrets and personal information for malicious and exploitive purposes. Hackers are extremely difficult to identify on both an individual and group level due to their various security measures, such as proxies and anonymity networks, which distort and protect their identity.
Source: (Norwich University, 2017)

3. A cyber criminal is someone who commits a cybercrime which is any illegal activity that involves a computer network, mobile device or computer, or in other words, crimes committed on the internet or other computer networks using computers or mobile devices.
Source: (Online Threats Alerts, 2016)