Cyber Security Team

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1. Cyber Security Teams are responsible for the development of mitigation measures to protect the organization from cyber attacks and response measures for the effective recovery of technological infrastructures should the organization fall to a cyber attack.
Relation between IT Team, InfoSec Team and Cyber Security Team

Related Term: Information Security Team; Information Technology Security Team.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)


2. The cyber security team protects vulnerable systems by deploying the same techcraft malicious hackers apply to exploit them. They make sure the water in your tap is safe to drink by securing critical infrastructure. They help industrial operators capture and analyze data from across connected devices to create powerful operational intelligence. They make sure you can put gas in your car—a car that, one day, may drive you home autonomously.
Source: (Hamilton, 2017)

3. The cyber security team helps developers write more secure code, proactively address potential threats, and even automating incident detection and response.
Source: (E. Bradley, 2017)