Data Recovery

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1. Data recovery refers to actions taken to repair damaged data or restore data from backups that have not been compromised by a cyber security attack.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)

2. The restoration of computer files from backup media to restore programs and production data to the state that existed at the time of the last safe backup.

(Source: Disaster Recovery Institute International / Disaster Recovery Journal - DRII/DRJ)

(Source: ENISA - the European Network and Information Security Agency. BCM & Resilience Glossary)


3. Data Recovery refers to a situation of recovering specific information which becomes inaccessible due to logical or physical damages of the targeted storage device.
Source: (Powell, 2016)

4. Data recovery is, simply, the salvaging and repair of data that has been lost.
Source: (Albright, 2014)