Dato Lee Kok Kwan

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Dato' Lee's current primary responsibilities span the Group's regional and domestic activities in 5 main areas. The first is the Group's activities in trading, market-making and sales businesses in interest rates, credit, foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives; secondly, management of the consumer and commercial banks' loan and deposit balance sheet focusing on Net Interest Income and economic value risk return management; and thirdly, the debt capital markets bond origination franchise. His final 2 areas of responsibility are the investment of the Group's shareholders funds, and capital management and debt gearing structure of CIMB Group Holdings Berhad and its banking subsidiaries.

Prior to joining the Group, Dato' Lee had more than 7 years of markets and treasury experience in the Canadian banking industry, where in his last posting prior to moving back to Malaysia in 1996, he was the Treasury Portfolio Manager responsible for interest rate and optionality risk and return management for a leading Canadian bank.

He holds a BBA Joint Honours (1st Class) degree in Business Administration and Economics and a Master of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University, Canada.