Financial Pretexting

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1. Financial pretexting is a type of social engineering that differentiates itself based on the goal that the cyber criminal is trying to achieve: tricking the victim into performing a financial transaction or providing classified information/data.

Note (1): Cyber criminals utilise multiple communications channels to trick employees. The most common form of communication channel would be social media networks.
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(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)


2. Financial pretexting is a form of social engineering characterized by threat actors using false pretenses to trick or dupe a victim into performing a financial transaction or providing privileged data. These attacks use multiple communication channels and often employ social media networks. Typical threat actors are organized crime groups with the motive of financial gain.
Source: (Verizon, 2016)

3. Financial pretexting involves threat actors leveraging underlying human emotions, such as empathy, curiosity, trust and fear to achieve financial gain. These schemes involve social engineering tactics, such as phishing emails, phone call, or in-person meetings.
Source: (Verizon, 2017)