Goh Kheng Seng

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Goh Kheng Seng, BCCE

Voluntary Appointment within BCM Institute

Kheng Seng is an Associate Instructor with the BCM Institute.

Past Employment

Kheng Seng was Citigroup's Infrastructure Head (Senior Vice President) from 1994 to 2004 before holding his last position as a Senior Vice President for Mergers Acquisitions & Divestitures from Apr 2004 to May 2008.

Career Highlights

  • Program managed Citigroup major mergers and acquisitions initiatives in Asia
  • Build, upgrade and relocate regional data centers supporting more then 70 countries worldwide.
  • First in Citi to introduce and implemented the high availability facility infrastructures standards following Uptime Institutes recommendations.
  • Manage high severity infrastructure failure (e.g. UPS fire) situations.


  • Electronic Computers and Systems BSc (Hon), 1977,Loughborough University of Technology (UK)

Professional Certification

2008 Awarded Business Continuity Certified Expert (BCCE), BCM Institute, Singapore