Immediate Recovery

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(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)

2. Broadly speaking, this Business Continuity option provides for the immediate recovery of services in a contingency situation. The instant availability of services distinguishes this option from what may be referred to as 'Hot Stand-by/Start', which typically will permit services to be recovered within 2 to 24 hours depending on the criticality of the business method they support. Depending on that business criticality, 'immediate' recovery may then vary from zero to 24 hours.

(Source: ENISA - the European Network and Information Security Agency. BCM & Resilience Glossary)

3. Previously called 'hot stand-by', provides for the immediate restoration of services following any irrecoverable incident. It is important to distinguish between the previous definition of `hot stand-by' and `immediate recovery'. Hot stand-by typically referred to availability of services within a short time-scale such as 2 or 4 hours whereas immediate recovery implies the instant availability of services.

(Source: OGC, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3)