Jeff Kuo

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Jeff Kuo

Jeff Kuo has 17 years of service in IBM, major in ITDR Design and Implementation. He had also performed managed DR services in IBM data center for couple years.

Voluntary Appointment within BCM Institute

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Past Employment

Here are the detailed appointments with IBM:

  • 2008: z-Server Services Delivery Manager
    • Take lead 27 persons to perform IBM mainframe z/OS and its subsystem/middleware/tool installation and migration services, and also lead team to deliver z-series High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services. Another assignment is to provide IBM z/OS and VSE system maintenance services in these accounts also.
    • Recent Achievements:
      • Lead team to perform z-series High Availability solution – Parallel Sysplex in HNCB and FISC.
  • 2007: Services Product Line Leader
    • In charge of Brand Management of BCRS, Server and Storage&Data Services Product Line by transforming GTS services from Labor-based models to Asset-based models, and from Customized offering to Standardized Offerings.
    • Recent Achievements:
      • Successful WW and GCG services products launch in local market, for example, AOEMF(Automated Operation and Environmental Monitoring Facility) and Softek.
      • Good services brand image build-up by Communication and Marketing.
      • Signed country first z-series IMSplex + GDPS HA project, with GTS TCV 2.6M.
  • 2006: z-server, BCRS and Storage Services Delivery Manager / IIMS
    • Not only being responsible for BCRS delivery, also performed z-series SW installation/migration services and EPSA/B services. Led a team to work out the complete and integrated HA and DR solutions for those z-series installed accounts.
    • Recent Achievements:
      • Successfully implemented GDPS/PPRC HyperSwap Manager and Sysplex POC solution in FISC(Financial Information Service Co,). FISC a semi-public organization providing the inter-banking services in Taiwan
      • Signed TCV 5.3M AIG Insurance Managed DR services for 5 years.
      • Had led BCRS team to complete 18 rapid recovery DR implementation in the following accounts in past 8 years : HNCB(Hua-Nan Commercial Bank), Taiwan POST, FISC(Financial Information Services Company), TCB : Taiwan Cooperative Bank, ESB(E-Sun Bank), TFB(Taipei Fu-Bon Bank), TBB(Taipei Business Bank), CTCB : ChinaTrust Commercial Bank, FCB : First Commercial Bank, MICB(Mega International Commercial Bank), SCSB(ShangHai Commercial and Saving Bank), TCH(Taiwan Clearing House), TDCC(Taiwan Depository & Clearing Cooperation), JCIC(Joint Credit Information Center), CHT(Chung-Hwa Telcom), TPC(Tai Power Company), CPC(China Petroleum Company), CSC(China Steel Cooperation).
  • 2005: BCRS Services Delivery Manager / Managed Services
    • Uplifted TS core services portion by transforming OEM business to valuable managed services.
    • Achievements:
      • Year 2005 BCRS managed services revenue was double of Year 2002.
      • Provided Managed DR services for over 60 subscriptions..
  • 2004: Services Offering Manager / ISMS
    • Led ISMS Solution Architects for developing new offering and performing PPTL in engagements.
    • Achievements:
      • Signed TCV 8.3M FISC Managed DR services for 5 years.
      • Signed Country first Open DR project.
  • 2003: BCRS and HA Segment Business Manager / RIS
    • Ran IBM Taiwan Disaster Recovery Center(e-center) for managed DR services delivery and data center management. Beside this, led a team to provide resilient infrastructure solution to all IBM platforms, such like HACMP, MIMIX, Parallel Sysplex, GDPS, XRC, PPRC and so on HA&DR solutions.
    • Achievements:
      • Team building and solution portfolio readiness for integrated HA and DR solution on cross platform(ES, AS, RS and NT),
      • Builded up the SOP of managed BCRS services which comforted with ISO 27001(BS7799) certified.
  • 2000 – 2002: z-Series SW Services Business Manager /TSS
    • Led 35-persons z/SW delivery team to perform z-series software installation, migration and extended SW maintenance(Preventive and Corrective) services which cover z/OS(MVS), VSE, CICS, IMS, DB2, System/Network Management and FSS industry solutions(MERVA, CPCS, DES) in mainframe system. Also focused on HA and DR solutions which include IMS XRF/RSR, XRC/PPRC, Parallel Sysplex ,GDPS, Networking and System Automation.
    • Achievements:
      • Standardized software maintenance services was conformed with ISO 9001 certified.
      • Led z/SW delivery team to complete the system migration in these accounts : Shang-Hai Commercial and Saving Bank, Tai-Power Company, Hua-Nan Commercial Bank, Taipei Bank, Taipei Business Bank, POST, Taiwan Depository and Clearing Company, Taiwan Clear House, Financial Information Service Co, Taiwan Cooperative Bank.
      • Led team to performed country first Parallel Sysplex and GDPS/XRC(Project PEL) services in ChinaTrust Commercial Bank.
      • Introduced AP first PPRC + DWDM DR project in Central Trust of China.
      • Real disaster recovery experience in customer’s backup sites while Nari typhoon stroke Taiwan in year 2001.
  • 1998 – 2000: Advisory z-Series SW I/T Specialist
    • Performed z-series HA, DR and Y2K Migrations project.
    • Achievements:
      • Y2K system migration coordinator for mainframe banking accounts.
      • PM assignment for system migration in Central Truct of China, First Commercial Bank, and International Commercial Bank of China
      • Being assigned the team leader and project manager for DR services delivery
      • Complete country first banking rapid recovery DR implementation in HNCB(Hua-Nan Commercial Bank).
  • 1994 – 1998: z-series SW I/T Specialist
    • Installed, configured and maintained the OS/390(MVS) operating system and associated mainframe software products.
    • Achievements:
      • OS/390 System Specialist.
      • CICS and IMS/DB Specialist.
      • EPSA/B owner for ChinaTrust Commercial Bank, First Commercial Bank, Cathy Untied Bank, E-Sun Bank, COSMOS Bank
  • 1992 – 1993: System Operator
    • Operated and Monitored S/390 system and its running hardware and environmental.

Academic Qualification

  • Jeff Kuo achieved BS, Computer Science at Soochow University, Taiwan

Professional Certification

  • 2008: BCMI Business Continuity Certified Professional
  • 2006: DRII Certified BCP exam passed(membership No: 12080)
  • 2005: ITIL fundamental

Professional Development

Participated in worldwide Forum & Meeting:

  • 2004: Forum of Disaster Recovery Journal(Singapore)
  • 1998-2000: DR Project Experience Exchange in Japan(3 times)
  • 1999: Forum of Disaster Recovery Journal (U.S.A)
  • 1999: DR Project Experience Exchange in Singapore
  • 1996: CICS Technical Forum