Kenneth Yap

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Kenneth Yap, Senior Vice President, Corporate BCM Manager, GIC Pte Ltd GIC Pte Ltd, Singapore

Singapore Kenneth Yap is the Senior Vice President of Corporate BCM for GIC Pte Ltd GIC Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Part of his current responsibilities includes driving the global business continuity programme for GIC to have an effective governance framework that is consistent with general regulatory requirements and industry best practices/standards.

He is also required to work with members of GIC's BCM Workgroup and Business Continuity Co-ordinators (BCCs) from the lines of business globally to coordinate BCM activities such as:

  • BCM Governance - Establish corporate policy, standards and guidelines, manage BCM planning and incident management, develop and facilitate enterprise-wide event exercises, and liaise with BCCs and overseas BCM managers.
  • Risk Management – Identify and categorize outage exposures that could cause a business interruption, and develop safeguard against a disaster event.
  • Contingency Planning – Identify potential Business Interruptions, develop safeguards against these interruptions, and implement recovery procedures in the event of a business interruption. Provide documentation and training on Contingency Planning concepts and procedures.

Past Employment

While he was previously also GIC's Senior Officer for Information Communications Technology, Facilities Operations and Events Management, he had a short stint as Senior Director of Operations at Radiance Communications Technology before returning to GIC as its Corporate BCM Vice President.