Level of Expertise

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Competency Roadmap.png

All training syllabus within BCM Institute has been designed to assist professionals in upgrading their competency using the Know, Do and Manage level of expertise. This is applicable to the respective areas within the business continuity management domain. These include the BCM Audit, Business Continuity (BC), Crisis Management (CC), Crisis Communication (CC), and IT Disaster Recovery (DR).

  • KNOW
    • For professionals who would like to be acknowledged for their fundamental understanding of a given discipline.
    • It usually include personal who is involved in the project or programme but is lead by a designated BCM professional (For example, the Business Unit BCM Coordinator at the department or division level and for senior management being led by the Organisation BCM Coordinator))
  • DO
    • For professionals who would like to be acknowledged for their understanding and training of the intricacies and maintenance of their organization's plans be it for BCM, CM, CC or DR.
    • To obtain any of the disciplines’ (BC, CM, CC or DR) Specialist certification, one has to have at least one year of experience in the discipline of choice, pay an application fee and pass the relevant qualifying examination.
    • For professionals who are tasked to oversee and manage the organisation’s plans and would like to know how to implement, manage and maintain the plans.
    • They will be given the Expert certification only upon passing the appropriate qualifying Expert examination, have at least three years of experience and pay an application fee.