NIST Framework

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1. The NIST Cyber Security Framework contains standards, best practices and recommendation for organisations to improve cyber security.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)


2. The Framework is a reiterative process designed to evolve in sync with changes in cybersecurity threats, processes, and technologies. In effect, the Framework envisions effective cybersecurity as a dynamic, continuous loop of response to both threats and solutions. The Framework provides an assessment mechanism that enables organizations to determine their current cybersecurity capabilities, set individual goals for a target state, and establish a plan for improving and maintaining cybersecurity programs.
Source: (PwC, 2014)

3. The framework is designed to help organizations strengthen their defenses, benefiting the entire community from state governments to banks to retail chains and beyond. It’s a comprehensive, flexible guide that presents important principles to help you build the necessary culture to stay ahead in the race against cybercriminals.
Source: (Orolet, 2017)