Organisational Misdeeds

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  • Crises of organizational misdeeds arise when management takes certain decisions knowing the harmful consequences of the same towards the stakeholders and external parties.
  • In such cases, superiors ignore the after-effects of strategies and implement the same for quick results.
  • Crisis of organizational misdeeds can be further classified into the following three types:

Crisis of Skewed Management Values

  • Crisis of Skewed Management Values arises when management supports short-term growth and ignores broader issues.

Crisis of Deception

  • Organizations face a crisis of deception when management purposely tampers data and information.
  • Management makes fake promises and wrong commitments to the customers. Communicating wrong information about the organization and products lead to a crisis of deception.

Crisis of Management Misconduct

  • Organizations face a crisis of management misconduct when management indulges in deliberate acts of illegality like accepting bribes, passing on confidential information and so on.

Types of Crisis Scenarios

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