Part 0: Cover Sheet (BCS)

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Completion of Business Unit (BU) BCM Coordinator

Part 0: BIA Questionaire Cover Sheet
  • Name/Designation of BU BCM Coordinator
    • Name and business title or designation of BU BCM Coordinator in charge of completing the BIAQ. Note: Please do not confuse this section with the Head of Business Unit, who is responsible for signing off on any and all Business Unit Business Continuity Templates after the template is filled.
  • Business Unit
    • Name of Business Unit (or Department or Division). Example: Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Administration.
  • Sub-unit (Optional).
    • Name of the sub-Business Unit (or Department or Division).
  • Date of Submission
    • Date of Submission of BIAQ to BCM Manager in charge of the entire organization's Business Continuity Program
  • Signature
    • Signature of BU BCM Coordinator

Review and Approved by Head of Business Unit

  • Name/Designation of Head of Business Unit
    • Name and business title/designation of Head of Business Unit.
  • Date of Approval
    • Date of review and sign-off by Head of BU
  • Signature
    • Signature of Head of Business Unit