Roles and Responsibilities of Chapter Chairman

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BCM Institute Forum


  • Description and Tenure of Appointment
    • Name of Position
      • The title of the appointee shall be known as Country Chapter Chairperson of the BCM Institute Forum and country or city.
      • e.g. Goh Moh Heng, Chairperson, Singapore Chapter, BCM Institute Forum
      • The appointee can use this title into your CV as a reference.
      • This is a voluntary position for the virtual forum with a tenure of 24 months and you do not represent BCM Institute’s training and certification interest at country level.


Front page of BCM Institute Forum
  • Objective of Forum
    • This forum is to:
      • Hold informative and professional discussions on BCM and related topics specially related to your country.
      • Update members with news, issues and potential challenges of the practices within the country.
  • Qualification of Chairperson
    • Must be a BCM or DR practitioner residing in the country that he or she is moderating.
    • Holds a vaild BC or DR certification, preferably:
      • To hold a BCM Institute's certification with active good standing
      • To achieve this within the period of 6 months upon appointment.
  • Job Responsibilities (Primary)
    • Serve as the country champion and facilitator of the chapter.
    • Lead and moderate the forum country chapter discussion.
    • Promote the profession and recommend initiatives to raise the professional standard for the country.
    • Function as an online facilitator of this virtual forum.
    • Be an active volunteer for at least two years.
    • Assist in the translation of the BCMPedia terminology to its native language.
BCM Institute Forum Chapter
  • Job Responsibilities (KPI)
    • Contribute at least one discussion topics, news and/or issues relating to your country per week.
    • Invite new members for the country chapter (at least five new members per month).
      • You can invite by finding at the right column “Help Grow and Promote this Group” and click “ Invite others to join” to invite
    • Work with other chapter chairperson to upgrade the standard of the chapter and the forum.
    • Recruit chapter committee members: Deputy Chairperson and committee members (up to 2 more).
    • Recommend initiatives and policies to be implemented in country (Subjected to agreement by BCM Institute's Forum advisors)
  • Privileges (Effective after 6 months of the appointment)
    • As the Chapter Chairperson, you may be:
      • Entitled to attend a free conference pass to one of the World Continuity Congress organized by BCM Institute.
      • Mentioned as the facilitator on the forum chapter and also in the Associates on our BCMPedia’s website.
      • Grandfathered to BCM Institute’s certification (subjected to review of qualification by certification committee)
      • Eligible to nominate themselves to the Education or Certification Review Committees.
      • Recognized in our regular update (Newsletters) to the industry.
      • Given a 20% discount on purchase of any books from the BCM Institute’s STORE.
  • Absence Policy
    • If the appointee did not achieve the minimum requirement as spelled out in the Job Responsibilities, and after the their performance are reviewed and reminded by three notices from the BCM Institute's Forum advisors, the appointee will be removed from the post officially.
  • Resignations
    • Any appointee has just cause for abdicating their position should write officially to the BCM Institute's Forum advisors.
  • Disclaimer
    • The content is subjected to amendments as the BCM Institute Chapters evolves.


Chairperson of Country Chapter (Organizing 2 Seminars Per Year for get-together of BC/DR professionals)

  • Responsibilities of Chairman
    • Is required to organize at least two "Meet-the-Expert" sessions per year.
      • Dates to be confirmed 120 days before the start of the seminar.
    • Identify the speakers for each of the seminar
      • Will provide the CV, high resolution photo to be posted on the website
    • Responsible for the organizing of the sessions.
    • Provide database or list of professionals (at least 150 names) for e-blasting
    • Have a minimum of 30 to 50 participants per session.
  • Logistics Support Provided to the Chairperson from BCM Institute
    • Setting up of banner on website "World Continuity Congress/Meet-the-Expert" for broadcast purpose
    • Manage the entire registration process for the Chairperson
      • View the live registration online
      • Print registration sign-in sheet (for registration during the start of the seminar)
    • Provide a financial support (To be discussed)
      • Maximum of the USD 800 per seminar per year
      • Funding is based on actual payment
    • E-blasting to the identified members
      • Sending of the eFlyers to be eBlast by BCM Institute