Supply Chain Resiliency

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1. Supply Chain Resiliency is level of strengthening of the supply chain against disasters.
Business Continuity Management Supply Chain Resiliency

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Notes (1): It is the ability of the supply chain to survive, adapt, recover and grow from a disruption in the face of turbulent change and restore, return to normal operations.

Notes (2): It is about having the ability to survive a major disruption and subsequently recover, adapting to the changing environment.

Notes (3): Focusing on reducing the consequences of a major disruptions instead of predicting or estimating probability of occurrence.

Notes (4): Supply Chain Resiliency is one of six ‘outcomes’ that a modern supply chain should have.

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)

2. A term describing the level of flexibility of the supply chain against disasters.

(Source: The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society