Tuan Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusof

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Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusof became the Member of Parliament in 2004 for the Petra Jaya constituency in Sarawak. Following his reelection in 2008 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. Behind those brief facts is a political career history remarkable for one still in his forties. Haji Fadillah was born in Sarawak on 17th April 1962, the 9th of 14 children with a father, Yusof Merais, whose strong social conscience and commitment to independence actually resulted in him being jailed by the British. Coming from such a political tradition it is hardly surprising that he has the same urge to commit his attributes of energy and intellect to the cause of his people and the nation.

Haji Fadillah was educated in Malaysia and received his law degree from University Malaya in 1986. Following his graduation he successfully established and expanded his law practice and in 1989 joined the PBB. It was soon obvious to others that his skills of advocacy, capacity to analyze issues, creativity and critical thinking were valuable political assets for in 1989 he was appointed Divisional PBB Youth Information Chief ( Tupong ) and subsequently PBB Youth Secretary General. Today he is PBB Youth Chief , Sarawak.

Haji Fadillah's subsequent political career progress has been impressive by any standards but positions of responsibility and now high office have not diminished his passionate concerns for ordinary people. It is self evident that his constituents hold him in high esteem for not only did he win his seat in 2004 with the highest majority of anywhere else in Sarawak but he actually increased that majority in 2008. "The people look to me to deliver a better life for them and future generations and that is why even though my political responsibilities have expanded I shall not forget that without the trust of my people I am of no account."

Haji Fadillah's successful first term as a Member of Parliament has realized the trust placed in him by his party and people. Between 2004 and 2008 not only did he serve the needs of his communities through constituency work but he was also appointed Committee member of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club. He represented Malaysian Parliamentarians at the United Nations General Assembly and was appointed Chairman of Community Institutions (Women and Gender Caucus) also an important Backbenchers working committee. Haji Fadillah headed the Malaysian Parliamentarians delegation to the Asian Inter Parliamentarians Association and became a delegates' member for the International Social Seminar in Korea.

Haji Fadillah has every right to be proud of his achievements but talk to him and you will quickly learn that beneath his unostentatious and quiet manner is a determined man of deeply held political and social convictions. Rare amongst many politicians is Haji Fadillah's unabashed commitment to the service of people especially the less fortunate. He is conscious of the need to help raise the quality of life for his constituents especially through improved education and expanding economic opportunities. In fact one of the driving forces behind Haji Fadillah's engagement in politics is his desire to ensure that the fruits of development can be shared and enjoyed by all. He deplores the fact that there are still pockets of poverty in our country and that there are too many young people disillusioned by a lack of opportunity. "Low expectation and limited aspirations are compounded by the lack of good employment opportunities and this is the root cause of dysfunctional behaviour amongst the young"; he says. This commitment to young people and the less fortunate is not just based on soft compassion but embodies the hard realization of the need to develop innovative approaches to policy, strategic planning and effective and efficient delivery mechanisms.

As a married man with a young family Haji Fadillah places a high premium on family life and is the first to say how much he values the support and encouragement of his wife. Even with the pressures of Parliamentary, Ministerial and Constituency responsibilities he is essentially a family man. "It is from my wife and family that I draw much of my strength", he will tell you. He lists his interests as family life, sport; he plays badminton and golf (he is currently President of the Bumiputera Amateur Golf Association). "As of necessity I have become an avid reader" he says.

"I look forward to my new role as Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation"; Haji Fadillah says modestly but quickly adds, "I am not one to be seduced by high office for I aim to keep my feet on the ground and remember above all else those who have supported and so generously placed their trust in me".

Source : Deputy Minister's Office