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Managing your Business Continuity Planning Project BUY!
Analysing And Reviewing The Risks For Business Continuity Planning BUY!
Conducting Your Impact Analysis For Business Continuity Planning BUY!
Developing Recovery Strategy For Your Business Continuity Plan BUY!
Implementing Your Business Continuity Plan BUY!
Testing and Exercising Your Business Continuity Plan BUY!
Managing and Sustaining Your Business Continuity Management Program BUY!

To date, Dr Goh had written seven books on Business Continuity Management Series. The content of these books are closely aligned to the BCM Body of Knowledge (BCMBoK) and BCM Institute's BCM Planning Process or Methodology.

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Published BCM Books

Goh, Moh Heng (2008): Managing Your Business Continuity Planning Project, 2nd Edition, 166 pages.

  • This book aims to help you kick off the BC project in your organisation, starting with the need to educate your Executive Management about the purpose, process and importance of BCM. It covers other essential steps including research, developing a BC framework, establishing a project team, budgeting, and scheduling deadlines to ensure that the BC project meets expectations.
  • It is closely related to BCMBoK 1: Project Management

Goh, Moh Heng (2008): Analyzing & Reviewing the Risks for Business Continuity Planning, 148 pages.

  • This book prepares you to apply the risk analysis framework, principles and methodologies for reviewing and analysing risks during the BCM planning process. It uses the simplified approach that enables you to review and analyse your BCM risks, threats, probability and controls.
  • It is closely related to BCMBoK 2: Risk Analysis & Review

Goh, Moh Heng (2008): Conducting Your Impact Analysis for Business Continuity Planning, 130 pages.

  • This book helps you to identify the exposure and impact of specific threats to your organisation. Instructions and guidelines are given on how to design, prepare and conduct a BIA for your organisation. The use of BIA questionnaires will be covered in detail. You will also learn how to review, analyse and consolidate the information as well as seek approval from your Executive Management.
  • This book is closely related to BCMBoK 3: Business Impact Analysis

[1] Goh, Moh Heng (2005): Developing Recovery Strategy for Your Business Continuity Plan, 104 pages.

  • This book provides the principles for determining the appropriate strategy for each critical business function. It can be used as a guidebook to walk through the various recovery stages that make up the entire Business Continuity Strategy process.
  • It is closely related to BCMBoK 4: Business Continuity Strategy

Goh, Moh Heng (2004): Implementing Your Business Continuity Plan, 104 pages. Available @ [National Library][2][] [3]

  • This book provides the principles and applies the methodologies for preparing effective and detailed business continuity plans. The book includes a practical how-to-do-it template to assist persons without previous experience in business continuity planning in preparing their own specific business units and organization-wide business continuity plans.
  • It is closely related to BCMBoK 5: Plan Development

Goh, Moh Heng (2006): Testing & Exercising Your Business Continuity Plan, 2nd Edition, 160 pages. Available @ [National Library][4]

  • This book will help you to design, develop and conduct tests to ensure that your plan meets all critical business continuity objectives. You will learn how to design, develop, implement and evaluate all types of tests – Telephone Notification, Walkthrough, Integrated, Simulation and Live tests. Comprehensive instructions, guidance and examples are included.
  • It is closely related to BCMBoK 6: Testing and Exercising[5]

Goh, Moh Heng (2007): Managing & Sustaining Your Business Continuity Management Program, 190 pages.

  • This book provides the framework, processes, good practices and templates that are necessary to establish, maintain and manage your corporate business continuity management program. The critical success factors highlighted include sustaining management buy-in, cultivating a “business resiliency” culture, promoting structured training, awareness, testing and maintenance programs. The strengthening of knowledge and appreciation of the entire BCM Program are analysed and shared with the readers.
  • It is closely related to BCMBoK 7: Program Management

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