Cyber Security Incident

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1. Cyber Security Incident is a malicious act that compromises or disrupts information assets.

Notes (1): Cyber Security Incident is used interchangeably with Cyber Incident.
Related Term: Cyber Security Attacks; Cyber Security Threats; Cyber Security Incident Response

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)


2. A cyber secuity incident is any malicious act or suspicious event that compromises, or was an attempt to compromise, the electronic security perimeter or physical security perimeter of a critical cyber asset, or, disrupts, or was an attempt to disrupt, the operation of a critical cyber csset.
Source: (OpenEI, 2017)

3. A cyber security incident is an occurrence that actually or potentially results in adverse consequences to an information system or the information that the system processes, stores, or transmits and that may require a response action to mitigate the consequences.
Source: (IADC Lexicon, 2015)